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Facing Your Doubts

Sincere Doubt

Doubts must be faced, not harbored. Of course, they shouldn't be expanded and exaggerated, nor given the freedom to dominate your quest. Nevertheless, any true path, and certainly the field of higher consciousness itself, will not flee in terror from earnest questions, nor will it punish you for being yourself. Certainly it will not withdraw from you simply because you are striving to know and appreciate it more. Sincere doubts are often a sign of growth. Each and every sincere doubt is a potential for greater understanding. While it's true that higher consciousness is a level of awareness far beyond the day-to-day skeptical mind, the integrative wisdom of the higher consciousness nevertheless can reward an inquisitive, interested attitude. Events in your daily life, and also the ideas in the great scriptures of the world, need to be thought about, deeply pondered, in order to be well understood.

The mind can be satisfied in its own territory. There are appealing and powerful reasonings which the mind can achieve, if you are willing to be honest, and if you are not trying to make your mind ignore reality. Be willing to genuinely seek the truth and be genuinely humble in considering your new possibilities and new experiences. Also, deeply study the words of those who have been so wondrously blessed to experience higher consciousness.

Remember the beautiful example of Apostle Thomas?

"Doubting Thomas" said he could not believe Jesus Christ was resurrected and alive unless he, Thomas, could personally see Jesus and touch Jesus' wounds. Jesus did not condemn Thomas or send him away. Rather, Jesus satisfied Thomas' doubts through and through.

However, some people are so foolish that they stop everything whenever they have a doubt. The momentum of their hearts and minds, the tremendous forward movement of their aspiration, is stopped dead while they rummage around with a limited mind, seeking in a generally half-hearted way for some powerful answer. Even if they received a powerful answer, chances are these aspirants would not understand such an answer, being unequipped as yet in terms of concepts and in terms of mental/emotional maturity to appreciate it.

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